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Sim Penzo
Sim Penzo 13 February 2023

Our website is more than just a visual spectacle. We’ve packed it full of information that will help you understand what we do and why we’re the best choice for your next project. Our website will be growing over time with new case studies, blogs and industry focussed content. We wanted to give you an inside look at our team, our philosophy, our process, while showing you exactly what we can do for you.

Great pride is behind anything we touch at CodeFish Studio, anything can be designed and built to suit our needs, from the software we create for our clients to the furniture in our office space, our passion and creativity are the drivers for all of this.

From concept to completion, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality results while working closely with our clients to ensure their vision is met in the final product, our whole process is a team effort.

We don’t only work for clients, we love experimenting new technologies in between projects, this is one of the reasons why we decided to completely refresh our website with a specific vision in mind:

Create an engaging landing page to please your eyes while learning about us and the potential in working with CodeFish Studio.

Our own website is dedicated to educating individuals on our creative process, from the first discovery workshop to the release of your product. Our goal is to provide valuable information and resources to help people assess their current level of expertise and understand what working with us can offer.

3D render of our kitchen

Our new website was created to showcase some of what our team can do. We wanted to make an engaging site that draws the viewer in and leads them through learning more about CodeFish Studio and our team.

We wanted to show off our workplace online and have created a 3D representation of our space using Blender and animated a fly-through tour of our space, pausing at six significant view points. We use this rendered video as the backdrop to our home page, syncing its playback with the vertical scroll gesture.

The result effect provides a unique fly-through tour of our space as the entry point to our website. We have also added functionality that draws the viewer in and prompts interaction. These micro interactions are throughout the site, across the cursor, buttons and even a rocket ship that takes off! All of these small but important elements are what are used on projects to give the users more and can make their time using your solutions that much better, even fun.

And while we love our new site it would be great to see you in person - so get in touch and come and visit our real studio! We love our space and what it will be. We have dreamt about this space for many years and we are creating a place where things can be designed and built, in house.

A place where our multidisciplinary team can work together to design, develop and deliver software, IoT devices and smart products. We are certainly not your usual digital agency!

We are even looking at hosting events and meet-ups in the future. We are working with our partners to create a community around good people, and products and CodeFish Studio is proudly a good example.

We are always excited to have people over for a coffee or drink, it’s our pleasure to show you around and get to know each other.

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