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At CodeFish we are passionate about combining design and technology as we believe that they are one and the same. With the way of the future there is no design without technology and no technology without design and we pride ourselves on being able to offer both as a service.

A printed circuit board

Tailor Your

If you are looking for a partner to help you design a PCB we can help you with that and write the embedded code together with the CodeFish Studio engineering team. Discover what we can offer you about “smart products” or “IoT”.

Understand the System

Technology is interconnected, so before we begin designing your system, we need to understand the system. What does your product interact with, is it connected to a phone or device, is that device connected to something else?

Understanding the broader system allows us to tailor the software and the PCB to deliver a compelling and usable product.

PCB Development

Understanding the system we can begin to design the technology that will allow this product to function – eschewing the need for something off the shelf.

Working close with our in-house or external Designers, we can ensure a tailored PCB to suit your product. We like to define limitations, not be constrained by them.

Software Behind the Hardware

CodeFish Studio started as a software company, so trust us when we say we know a thing or two about software and hardware integration.

Our designers and software engineers will work together to deliver not only a compelling physical product, but something with the software and UI to back it up. A beautiful product isn’t solely defined by how it looks, but also how it performs.

Prototype and Test

Prototyping and testing is an important aspect of any product in development, be it hardware or software. We will ensure prior to delivery we have ironed out any and as many bugs as possible.

As part of this we may work closely with the end user to understand how they use the product, understanding where our UX and UI needs improvement. A happy end user is a product that markets itself.

Discovery & Workshops

Understanding the product, the brand, the customer base, product users, and the market is crucial to delivering a product that meets stakeholder needs. Running workshops plays a large role in this understanding, so we like to run a few over the course of the product for both the user and the seller. This process aims to uncover and discover.

PCB Design

We can provide PCB design following your specifications and using the latest design software to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Whether you need a simple, single-layer PCB or a more complex, multi-layer board, we have the skills and expertise to deliver a high-quality product that meets your exact specifications.

Embedded Firmware

Once the hardware has been designed, the next step is to write the code for the device. We can write the low-level code that will run on the microcontroller, as well as higher-level code that will provide the desired functionality.


We create in-house prototypes to help with the design and testing of your new device, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with your software and meets all of your functional and performance requirements.