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CAD & 3D

CAD and 3D Modelling is here to take your design to the next stage of development and is a crucial step in understanding how your product behaves three-dimensionally. CAD modelling is key to developing accurate prototypes and, further down the line, a manufacturable product.

CodeFish Studio members working on a 3D model.

From Sketches
to 3D Modelling

Sketching can only take a product so far. To reach the desired end goal the design has to be put into a CAD/3D Model format so that it can be easily prototyped, and eventually manufactured.

Concept Modelling

To better understand how a concept translates to 3D, a promising design from the ideation phase will be quickly modelled to resemble the sketch it originates from.

This avoids spending large amounts of time on a detailed model, only for it to be scrapped. CAD modelling can be time consuming so where we can improve efficiency we will.

Refining Your Design

As the CAD process progresses we begin to refine the design, adding in functionality, appearance details, and solving any assembly problems that arise.

This can be both a long and short process, depending on the complexity of the product, and your vision for it. Sometimes leaving room for improvement paves the way for further innovation.

From 3D to Prototype

The journey from 3D to prototype can often be an arduous one filled with failed attempts and back-and-forth communication with manufacturers. At CodeFish we are happy to facilitate this process, whether it be with our in-house capabilities, or an external source.

Remember, whilst a failed prototype can be disheartening, it’s why we prototype. Better the product fail in this phase, than in the consumers hands.

External Collaboration

Sometimes collaboration is needed on a product in development. Whether this is a particular service that is needed outside of what we offer, or knowledge that we do not possess.

We can liaise and collaborate with outside organisations to help ensure your product is the very best it can be. Design is about collaboration, and you never know what ideas and insights an external source can provide.

Appearance CAD Modelling

Appearance CAD Modelling is a stage used to rapidly model a concept without wasting too much time going into detail. The idea is that it could be further developed into something manufacturable at a later stage when necessary.

This style of model is suitable for presentations or marketing where manufacturing details are not necessary. The difference between an appearance model and one suitable for manufacturing could be measured in mere hours of extra work, to weeks depending on the product’s complexity.

Design Service Collaboration

Here we can work with other design agencies who are more focused on the detail design phase of product development, ensuring the vision you have for the product can be brought to market successfully, and at a high quality.

The detail design phase can be a long one, so we prefer to outsource to an agency that can focus their full attention on it and deliver something at an efficient pace.

Detail Design

The devil is in the details and we at CodeFish pride ourselves in our ability to take notice of these details. We can refine your chosen concept further, bringing the design closer to something that can be prototyped.

As part of this stage we can liaise with external groups for detail design assistance and manufacturing/prototyping.


At CodeFish we are no strangers to taking our 3D models to the prototyping phase. It’s a key stage in design development and we can never truly say the product will work until we see it actually work.

We will work with in-house and external capabilities to ensure your product works before it is released for production and sale.