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Mobile applications deliver speed optimised experiences to your customers that can deliver an enhanced user experience with easy communication.

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Increase Your

Mobile apps create a direct channel between you and your users. You can send in-app and push notifications to users on demand.

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Companies that utilise mobile technology for their customer facing and / or internal needs have greater resilience and flexibility when running their businesses.

Contextual Communication

Mobile applications can prompt notifications based on factors such as time, location, or events. The ability to trigger notifications based on users’ status can help reduce unnecessary communication and improve overall engagement.

Run Online or Offline

Unlike mobile websites, which require communication with a web server, mobile applications can be run offline, syncing data when a connection becomes available, thus making mobile applications a viable solution in areas of low connectivity.

Better Performance

Mobile applications are pre-installed on user devices before they are used. This allows us to push boundaries with design in order to create exciting experiences without penalty to performance.

Improved Usability

Mobile devices are designed with usability in mind, and we can extend native functionality such as camera features, geolocation and calendar integration for a seamless and familiar user experience.

Tech We Use

  • AWS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • BitBucket
  • Gitlab
  • Firebase
  • MySQL
  • Go
  • Rails
  • Gatsby
  • Symphony
  • Swift

Front-End Development

Using React Native, we craft our designs into platform agnostic code, meaning a single repository to build and maintain. Extending native features provides an enhanced and familiar experience to your users.

Back-End Development

We connect your mobile applications to the databases and endpoints required to sync up data with client facing experiences. All of our development is built to be secure and with the future in mind.

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